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Cherished memory bears are made from articles of clothing that have a special place in our hearts.


Most people are sentimental, and as such, tend to hold onto a garment worn by a special friend or relative. Instead of tucking away that treasured piece of clothing in a closet or drawer, you can have it closer at hand in a handcrafted bear. I can create a cherished memory of times past and of someone very special.

These treasured keepsake bears have very special qualities. As a child, one of the most important things to us was our teddy bear. He was there when we were lonely. He was there when we were afraid, and he was always there for a hug. He knew our inner most secrets, and he was our best friend. As adults, we feel the same way about our teddy bear. They are not just our ordinary stuffed furry bears. These bears have a very special sentimental value. They are made from bathrobes and flannel shirts, bib overalls, favorite tee shirts, mom's wedding dress, or dad's suit and tie. They are made from the clothing of those special people that are now gone from our lives, but not gone from our memories. When we miss them most, we can still hug them. We can cry with them, and tell them our secrets. They are a tangible remembrance of our loved one, and they can help us to heal.

Please feel free to browse the galleries for ideas and to see the quality of my work.

I am no longer accepting Christmas orders for 2017


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